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Agency, Brand Consultant
Strategy, Creative and Art Direction
Advertising, Digital/Photography
Content Creation, Social Photo & Video
Collateral, Sales Marketing
Design, Digital & Print


We were extremely interested when we first heard about a Pizza with 4g Carbs and 20g Protein.  What kinda bread is it?  To our surprise, it’s a proprietary chicken breast crust that makes RealGood Pizza, really good!

It’s not just good, it’s real good!

File’s main challenge was to unite all current brand products and future product releases into one cohesive story.  We refreshed their old packaging, developed a brand mascot, honed in on their unique value proposition, and produced key Marketing and Sales collateral for the ultimate transformation.  Real food and design you can feel good about.

Delivering Quality

Art direction & packaging design

Identity for bold, hip, and new products

Double Tap

Content Creation

Well crafted content instills buyer confidence and builds brand equity.

Let’s be Frank

Mascot Marketing and Video Production

Characters are known to build 33% more brand recognition.  “They’re greaattt!”

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Digital Marketing

Stay relevant with Facebook retargeting ads


Express yourself

All day I dream about slices

Design is a write-off

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