Quest Nutrition

( An inner monologue from File’s Founder )

Dear Past-self,

So you think you’re some hot shot creative director?  Leading the aesthetic vision for a $1B company ranking #2 on INC. 5000, leading a team of more than 30 artists, launching 40 branded products, and over 20 campaigns.  You think you’re awesome?

You’ve got a lot to learn.

Any company with money can be successful.  You lucked out by the good timing of a unicorn company needing creative vision.  Anybody could have done what you did.  You’re an artist, and you didn’t go to college.  Do you have experience communicating with businessmen?  What could you possibly know about building a design department?

You’ve got a lot to learn.

I’ll tell you what, when you’re finished here, try starting your own business with your own money.  Then we’ll see how much of a visionary you are.

You’ve got a lot to learn. Good luck.

… Oh, and grab milk on the way home!


2012 – 2016

Creative Director, In-House
Vision Setting, Leader, and Designer
Development of Design Department Operation
Project Management

Over 30 Staffed

2 – Art Directors (Jose Prado & Sasan Haghidat)
2 – Creative Service Managers (Doug Wagner & Yvette Espinosa)
1 – Traffic Coordinator
2 – Senior Visual Effects Artists
2 – Motion Designer & Animator
4 – Senior Graphics Designers
6 – Graphic Designers
10 – Junior Graphic Designers
10 – External Artists, Contractors
3 – Photographers


Creative Strategy

From Pantone to photography.  Customers need a familiar face.


Branding & Vision Setting

We are family.  (I got all my protein with me)

Art of the Sale

POS, POP & Sales Assets

Don’t sell to your customer.  Engage them.

Creative Consultancy & Agency

Creative & Brand Direction • Packaging Design •  Content Creation