Legendary Foods

Branding: Marketing Design
Content: Direction & Creation
Production: 3D Modeling & Rendering

Design, Direction: Maca M
Design, 3D: Sloan A
Design, Production: Dino N


Would you look at that? It seems that File was tasked with the Herculean task of transforming Legendary Foods into a sophisticated “healthy protein brand for adults who enjoyed snacks from the 90s”. We managed to create a 20+ page Brand Guide to guide the brand vision, voice, and mission. Wow, what a feat! And rumor has it (Legendary sales team source), revenues multiplied from a decent $12M to an astonishing $100M in annual revenue. **Speechless Emoji**


How interesting. File spent weeks adapting customer personas to create a minimalist and trustworthy identity that would connect with its target demographic and expand its audience. It’s as-if we know what they’re doing…!

3D Modeling

Delicious products meet delicious assets. We’ve cooked up mouth-watering hero key art & assets. “How sweet!”