Tom Bilyeu, President/Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition, was on a mission to share his knowledge with aspiring entreprenuers around the world. Our task was to create a brand, and not just a YouTube series.  To do so, we designed and developed a custom set for the production to take place – as you’ll see in the videos.  As well as branding identity, photography direction, lifestyle merchandise, and social media direction.  In as little as twelve months, the channel featured big names such as Tony Robbins, Robert Greene, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferris, Rainn Wilson, Criss Angel, and Russell Simmons, just to name a few, and grossed millions of views, including 60,000+ subscribers.  Tom is now on to new ventures and continues to share his passion and experience with the world! Discover.  Learn.  Grow. → Visit Website

Year: 2015 Services: Creative Direction Art Direction Logo Design


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