The creative branding process, unblurred.
We’ll uncover the big picture, together.
One-on-one video sessions designed for brand clarity & direction.
✔️ PDF Format ✔️
8-Point Brand Review
A review of your brand’s current market stance and how to strengthen it. The audit touches a few areas: Internal branding — your values, vision and mission.

✔️ 30-Min Assessment
✔️ Inspect: Brand Name
✔️ Inspect: Brand Website
✔️ Inspect: Brand Grid
✔️ Inspect: Brand Message
✔️ Inspect: Brand Identity: Verbal
✔️ Inspect: Brand Identity: Visual

17-Point Brand Position Exercise
Identifying how your brand is supporting your marketing and sales efforts. We assess what customers are looking for, what your competitors are doing, and how your brand is meeting your customers’ needs.

✔️ 1-Hour Consultation
✔️ 16-Point Conditioning
✔️ Brand Primer Worksheet
✔️ Analyze: Brand Purpose
✔️ Analyze: Taglines
✔️ Analyze: Propositions
✔️ Analyze: Differentiators
✔️ Analyze: Customers
✔️ Analyze: Competitors

30-Point Brand Strategy Exercise
A niched plan with long-term goals that matures your brand, overtime. Defining these components will make your brand identifiable.

✔️ 1-Hour Consultation
✔️ Define: Mission Statement
✔️ Define: USP
✔️ Define: MVP
✔️ Define: Brand Tagline
✔️ Define: Brand Approach
✔️ Define: Product Approach
✔️ Define: Website Approach
✔️ Define: Content Approach

It’s all about the split-second understanding, which becomes the base building block for an entire brand and its marketing strategy.
This is the big picture.

✔️ Concept: Brand Visualization
✔️ Concept: Brand Campaign
✔️ Concept: Mood Board
✔️ Concept: Branding (Verbal & Visual)
✔️ Concept: Packaging
✔️ Concept: Homepage
✔️ Concept: Instagram Grid
✔️ Downloadable: Concept Deck (PDF)

Brand Audit

Brand Review
Live Video Session
30-Minute Inspection


Free for now

Brand Analysis

17-Point Brand Position Exercise
Live Video Session
1-Hour Consultation
+ Downloadable PDF


Audit Required

Brand Approach

30-Point Brand Strategy Exercise
Live Video Session
2-Hour Consultation
+ Downloadable PDF


Analysis Required