Master These 4 New Skills

The holiday madness makes December a hectic month for everyone, but for those of you who want to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a roundup of some useful courses and tutorials. They range from graphic design, photography, coding, business, and web design.

1. Design A Legit Project Proposal:

This one is a no brainer. As a designer, any proposal you produce absolutely has to grab their attention, especially when you’re going to vying for the attention of a prospective client who is probably sifting through dozens of other proposals. Keep it clean, elegant, and simple to give you a crucial advantage. This course will help you stand out by putting together a great proposal in InDesign.


2. Get Your CSS Animation Skills On:

Now that Flash is on it’s way out for the most part, CSS3 has come to stay. It provides a seamless user experience and awesome animations. There’s a free video course that will help you stack your CSS animation skills with six useful projects.


3. Learn to Edit Video With Adobe Rush:

From the company that produces apps that become the industry standard, the new Adobe Rush is a video-editing app tailor-made for upping your video-editing game. It’s simpler than Premier or Final Cut Pro, and is good for those who are traveling, so it might be worth taking a gander at this tutorial to see how it works. 
Follow this tutorial get up and running quickly.


4. Look Into The Future of Graphic Design:  

While this isn’t a skill, as designers, being abreast of industry trends is a prerequisite. This article takes a peek into 2019 to predict what’s coming for designers.
Read Grace Fussell’s predictions for 2019 design trends and see if you agree.

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