Apple’s New Holiday Ad Focuses On Sharing Creativity

In their new ad for the 2018 holiday season, Apple tries to convince us that we all have creative talents worth sharing in this animated short film.

In a world filled to the brim with influencers hawking diet teas, Apple is taking a stand to show that everyone—not just FaceTuned InstaModels—has something imaginative to give.

The story revolves around a character named Sofia, who is a young, bright, and creatively inclined girl. The Supreme, DFA Records, and MOCA sticker, coupled with her pink knit hat and Nike Cortez shoes give us a window into her personality and style. This is a girl who is curious, design-inclined, and seeking.

The story is brilliant because it lines up with Apple’s ethos of being more than just a tech company, but a medium that facilitates people finding their highest creative selves.

Created with agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab, the short film Share Your Gifts features a soundtrack by 16-year-old songwriter Billie Eilish. Who, of course, recorded the song on her Mac.

Apple also created a behind-the-scenes videos that talk to some of the creators behind it. Specifically, they speak with the IRL creatives color artist Deborah Cruchon and editor Marianne Karaan about how they use their own Mac in their work.

Check out the brief Making-Of video:

Below are the videos featuring color artist Deborah Cruchon.



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