Transparent: 2018

5 Insights from 2018

There are several failures and learning from 2018.
In the past 12 months, we’ve compacted those learning into 5 simple and concise philosophies to bring you awareness for 2019.
Hone in on these and see what happens (;

1. Direction

You’re not lost.
You’re exploring.

Imagine yourself driving to a destination.

You don’t have directions but you’re familiarizing yourself with landmarks (mountains, trees, where the sun is in the sky, etc.) and taking a few turns here and there. Ultimately, you make a few bad turns but you still get to where you need to go.

That’s what life is like. You make a few missteps and take a different route than you originally intended, but we are firm believers that anything and everything counts towards your ultimate destination. Everything is a learning experience if you frame it like that.

So it’s important to have a grasp of things that can be leveraged along the way.

Be resourceful.

Trust your gut when you’re discovering new turns and learn when to backtrack, if needed, to move forward. There’s a magic to being flexible with your journey, so keep visualizing the destination and do whatever it takes so that you arrive.

2. Control

Don’t worry
about what happened.
Worry about
what happens next.


“Life’s unfair.”
“That’ll take too long.”
“I don’t have money.”
“They’re just lucky.”

Blah blah blah. It’s so much easier to make excuses than have the resolve to try.

But all it takes is that one incremental resolution in each moment to strive, to be better, to try harder. Once you adopt that mindset to keep trying, to keep adding a little more effort and apply it to your every single moment, watch things move in your life and career. You’ll naturally level up because you’ll embody that energy.

So always accept the challenge, no matter how big or small, because how you do anything is how you do everything. So make it count, even with the small moments that no one notices. It’s an empowering thought to understand how much control we really have over our lives.

How will you respond to challenges in 2019?

3. Communication


An extremely helpful practice is to seek clarification in any situation. To do so is an act of learning on your part, and an act of respect towards the person providing clarification; you want to learn, and you’re willing to learn from that specific person.

So question everything as much as possible, listen to responses, and ask better questions. Be active in your listening and it’ll help you produce solutions or responses that are empathetic and well-informed.

When working with clients or contractors, using every resource (mood boards, sketches, words, anything) can be extremely effective. It’s important to spend 50% on the project scope so the remaining half allows creative autonomy.

4. Commitment

is always
a way.

The path to yes.

As kids, we’d find ways to get what we want from our parents.

As adults, we forget how creative we were because we have placed ourselves in stale environments.
Remember: There is always a way to get what you want/need.
Applying this philosophy into your daily tasks, negotiations, etc. as a creator will only help you produce more creative solutions and build harmony, especially when seeking win/win scenarios.

5. Patience


In today’s age, we want to get rich quick, expand our following count, and get more likes to spike our dopamine.

Sure, “shortcuts” in computer life takes time and effort to remember hotkeys and make more efficient workflows.
The process is where it’s at and that will never change.
Accept the lengthy process with open arms, and understand that it’s important that you take time to sharpen your sword. Quality takes time. Excellence takes longer.

Remember: This is a long game. Enjoy your progress.

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