Unapproved Apple Designs By Hartmut Esslinger

German-American Industrial designer and inventor Hartmut Esslinger is most well-known for founding the global design firm Frog Design Inc.

The designer counts German Avant-Garde consumer electronics company Wega, Sony, Louis Vuitton, HP, Motorola, Olympus, Siemens and many other notable brands as his past clients.

However, his most formative design partnership was with Apple, where he joined in 1982 under a $2 million exclusive contract. During his time there, he created the Apple IIc and the Macintosh Computer, which went on to win the Time Design of The Year award.

The following are unreleased photos of unapproved prototypes that Esslinger created during his time at Apple. They’re a peek into his design genius, despite never reaching production or the public.  

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