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Hey! I’ve had a dream of working with or at a creative agency for years now…but my path has taken me elsewhere. I’ve built my design biz from the ground up but I feel like for where I’m at I really want to be working under someone and together with a creative team. I know I have what it takes to be an asset to an agency team…but how can I get my foot in the door to even be considered by these companies when I don’t really have any prior agency experience? Thanks so much!

If I may assume, you’re an independent contractor with accomplishments but has now hit a ceiling? So you seek a team of solid perspectives so the work is more collaborative and pushes boundaries you can’t as a single artist. You’ve learned a lot on your own but would love to contribute to something larger.

That sounds correct!

To gain agency experience, like any “job” you just have to show potential or that you’ve done it before. My approach to this is simple but takes the right type of execution. “MIMIC”.

What does that mean?

If you wanna date a specific person, you do intel: Know their interests, learn their interests, and speak their interests. If it’s a match, you may start courting ea other and even get married lol! So my suggestion is:

1. Lookup 3-5 agencies you want to apply to.

2. Find a common thread in their work and make sure it aligns with your goals/vision of yourself.

3. Revamp your portfolio so it shows you can fit in well with them (“culture”) as well as lend a different perspective.

4. Persistence in your application.

If you don’t get hired THERE, you’ll stumble upon other opportunities and will be prepared with your new portfolio and outlook! Hope that helps ??‍??

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