Great Thanksgiving Branding Moments

It’s that time of year again.

Suddenly, you start seeing vats of cranberry sauce, towers of pumpkin pie, and an unending loop of holiday campaigns that make you feel numb, not warm and fuzzy inside. But out of that pile of incessant holiday marketing are a few standouts that do it the right way. The following five that we chose are great examples of marketing that touch on the frenzied madness of the season with humor, cleverness, emotion, and the collaborative spirit of the holidays.


1. Stovetop Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim:

Stuffing only for Thanksgiving is so mainstream, so basic. Stuffing is for any day that you feel fits your vibe. Knowing this, Stovetop employed a hipster millennial to rebel against this antiquated idea about stuffing to liberate people to eat stuffing all season long.

2. The Simpsons 600 Marathon:

D’oh. The Simpsons kicked off its 600 Marathon on Thanksgiving day in 2016, which features the first 600 episodes of The Simpsons. To go along with all this d’oh-filled marathon, they created a clever marketing campaign for billboards and bus stops. The campaign features images of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson made out of traditional Thanksgiving food like corn, potatoes and pie.


3. Hinge Is Grateful:

The dating app Hinge sent around an email posing this question to its members: “What are you thankful for?”.  The company used this as an opportunity to talk about its recent rebrand and the growth resulting from it. The holidays are a time to capitalize on sentimentality—ads that do this score 50% higher in emotional appeal. By appealing to emotions that run high during the holiday season, it reinforced the idea that the dating app is for those looking for more worthwhile relationships.


4. BarkPost Holiday Survival Guide:

BarkPost created an adorable, furry friend-themed holiday survival email for dog owners. As most owners know, the holidays are a fun but also stressful time for parents of doges. This email included holiday-themed cartoons, videos, feeding safety tips, and other holiday survival techniques for owners and their fur friends. Most of these tips covered concerns that many dog owners have in a informative but clever way. It solidified the company as a dog-friendly brand as well as an reputable source for all things dog related in the spirit of the holidays.


5. Spotify x SONOS #PlaylistPotluck:

Spotify teamed up with SONOS to create an playfully interactive way to RSVP to a Thanksgiving dinner with with #PlaylistPotluck. The tagline of the campaign is “One home. One host. Everyone brings a dish.” But instead of bringing food or drinks, everyone contributes a song to a collaborative playlist, which automatically RSVPs them to the event. They also partnered with the PBS series “Mind of a Chef” for a televised holiday special, with celebrity chefs will be using the feature for their own meals.

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